Q & A

1) What is a CEREC Restoration?

A single visit procedure to restore the lost tooth structure using a high tech cad/cam computer system. On average the appointment lasts a little over 1 hour to complete.

2) Does Dr. Giangreco do Implants?

Absolutely. Although most general dentists don’t provide this service. Dr. Giangreco is a highly trained implant surgeon.

3) Is BOTOX for me ?

Yes, in most cases botox or Juvedurm fillers can safely be used to treat many esthetic situations.

4) Are many patents like me?

You are not alone. We understand that you have some fear which prevents you from getting necessary treatment.

Our Staff’s “bedside manner”is very comforting and personable.
We will put your fears to rest!

Here at Innovative Dental our administrative team can put together a payment plan that works best for you. We can do a complimentary benefits check as well as help with insurance questions.

Our office accepts cash, check and most major credit cards – Visa, Master Card,
Discover and also Carecredit.

You can visit carecredit.com for more information.


We have emergency appointments available everyday.

Our schedule is flexible to accommodate your needs

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Our phone lines are open after hours
as well to take your phone calls. You can also contact us through email at: office@giangrecodental.com
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